College of Charleston going green with new projects

Scaled-down version of the Green Roof program at CofC.
Scaled-down version of the Green Roof program at CofC.
Water bottle refill station on campus.
Water bottle refill station on campus.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Students at the College of Charleston are working on a number of campus-wide projects to promote a green initiative.

The Office of Sustainability at CofC is offering students the chance to do some hands-on learning while also going green. The pilot program is called "The Green Roof".

Students have covered the roof of a building on campus with vegetative strips as part of an experiment to help determine the effects of heat. The vegetated rooftop will also collect storm water run-off and help preserve the life of the roof.

Data will be collected from the 'Green Roof' and compared with roofs that are black and white in color to see if there are temperature differences.

While the students look forward to comparing the scientific data, Brian Fisher, Director for the Office of Sustainability for CofC, says the project is also a teaching tool.

"Active learning where you're out experimenting, you're learning how to build things, how to produce things to a certain end is extraordinarily important," says Fisher. "I think it starts to change the educational module a little bit away by combining theory with practice."

Other parts of the campus are also going green. Greek houses and dorms at the college are working to make sustainability a core value as students are being taught how to recycle more and save energy.

Another project undertaken by the college is the inclusion of water bottle refill stations.

This year's incoming freshman received reusable stainless steel water bottles to help reduce the amount of waste.

Water bottle refill stations are currently in two campus buildings and they hope to install four to six more in the coming year.

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