Cops: Victim gets stolen GPS back after tricking thief's accomplice

Cops: Victim gets stolen GPS back after tricking thief's accomplice

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Summerville man who had his GPS stolen from his car was able to get it back after tricking the thief's accomplice on Craigslist, according to police.

The North Charleston Police Department charged 24-year-old Andrew Dayne Pippin of North Charleston with possession of stolen property.

On Wednesday afternoon, a police officer responded to the Starbucks on 7250 Rivers Ave. in reference to a report of stolen property. The victim, Mike Morgan, told the officer that his GPS was stolen on Monday and that his wife found someone on Craigslist trying to sell it on Thursday.

"I had a buddy from work text the guy to get in touch with him," Morgan said. "The guy sent him a picture and my buddy asked for the model number. Instead of the model number, he sent him the serial number that matched up with the box."

Morgan then said he arranged to meet the seller on Craigslist and was told to meet at the Starbucks where he would buy the GPS.

While the officer was talking with Morgan, Pippin's black Chrysler 300 pulled into the Starbucks' parking lot. Pippin told the officer he was meeting someone to sell a GPS that was listed on Craigslist.

Pippin was then detained and placed into the patrol car. Pippin then told the officer that the GPS was on the seat of his vehicle. Police say the GPS serial number matched the victim's serial number on his original box.

"I don't think he was expecting to trade a GPS for handcuffs and a jail cell," Morgan said.

Morgan also told police that he lived in the Wescott area where numerous thefts happened over the weekend. A police report states that Pippin's vehicle also "contained numerous items that may be stolen property."

Investigators say they found a drill set which was stolen from a man's vehicle in the Wescott area, a Hitachi drill set which had a receipt that investigators used to contact the original owner, another GPS, an electronic tablet and a speaker set with an amplifier in the trunk.

"I was pretty relieved, knew I was getting my stuff back," Morgan said."If other people get their stuff back, even better."

According to police, a small blue gift bag with an FM transmitter, a silver charm bracelet and a light blue calculator were also found in Pippin's vehicle. The victim's wife confirmed to police that the bag and its contents belonged to her.

Officers also found several latex gloves in the vehicle.

Pippin told detectives that he knew that the person who provided him with the items was breaking into vehicles and houses and that the items could have been stolen. According to Pippin,  the person who provided him with the stolen items had asked him to get involved with some illegal activity.

Pippin was locked up at the Charleston County jail. Police say he also has a warrant out of Hanahan.

According to court records, Pippin has been arrested before for burglary and breaking into fuel tanks.

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