More details in double murder case 'may help grieving process'

More details in double murder case 'may help grieving process'

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - Carole Grunsky's office is a home away from home for people who have suffered tragedies. In Grunsky's office, the families of two murdered Berkeley County women have been meeting the victim's advocate to work through the pain of their children's violent deaths.

"I've worked a lot of cases and they were all tragic," said Grunsky. "But this one really touched my heart."

That's because the double murder case of Dana Woods and June Guerry hits home for Grunsky.

"I've known June since she was a little girl," said Grunsky. "I went to church with her and her family and also taught her in Sunday school and Bible school. It's been hard."

But Grunsky said as hard as it is for her, it's much worse for the women's families, who met with investigators Friday for updates and additional charges in the murder case.

"Information is powerful," said Grunsky. "I think they are doing a little bit better today because we were able to share with them facts about the case."

The advocate said in her experience the more information a family receives the better.

"I think it helps them deal with their loss a little bit better," said Grunsky.

Information like hearing both murder suspects, Arthur Chavis and Caleb Matlock being charged with armed robbery and possession of a weapon during a violent crime on top of two counts each of murder.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office also charged Matlock with setting Woods' car on fire in the Francis Marion forest last week.

However, Grunsky said some questions will never be answered.

"I don't think they'll ever understand it because we will never understand it," she said.

Matlock is also charged with third-degree arson. Bond was set at $340,000 for Matlock and $280,000 for Chavis on the new charges.

Both men were charged with murder on September 1, days after authorities recovered the bodies of 18-year-old Dana Marie Woods and 22-year-old June Guerry in a section of the Francis Marion Forest near the Cordesville area.

Both victims were shot dead, authorities said. Search crews were led to the area after a fisherman stumbled upon Woods' burned-out Chevrolet Metro.

Court documents state Matlock told someone he and Chavis shot and killed them with a 9mm handgun.

According to Berkeley County Sheriff's Office reports, Woods and Guerry didn't return home from a trip to get fast food late in the night of August 26. Woods' mother contacted authorities after her phone calls to her daughter went unanswered in the early morning hours Monday.

Both women were laid to rest over the weekend.

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