Family fighting parole: 'He left her in the woods to be eaten by animals'

Family fighting parole: 'He left her in the woods to be eaten by animals'

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The family of a Colleton County woman who was murdered by her boyfriend 24 years ago plans to fight the killer's parole this week.

Rodney McLeod, 42, is serving a life sentence for the February 1988 murder of 23-year-old Debra Jenkins.

McLeod will ask the parole for his freedom on Wednesday.

"It is awful, the pain and suffering that we endure. It's unreal," said Jenkins' sister Cornelia Davis.

Davis said Jenkins tried to break off her relationship with McLeod before she was killed.

"He told her that Sunday that if he couldn't have her nobody will, that he would kill her first. He put a shotgun to her head that Sunday afternoon."

Authorities said the next day McLeod made good on his threat. He kidnapped Jenkins from her home in the Neyles community in Colleton County and took her to Beaufort County.

"He told his cell mate while he was in jail that he beat her with a jack and backed over her with the car and he left her in the woods," Davis said.

Jenkins' body was found 28 days later.

"He left her in the woods to be eaten by animals," Davis said. "We don't know what the end of her life was like. Maybe she was begging him not to kill her. We don't know and that hurts too."

Davis fears for her own life if McLeod is granted parole.

"I'm afraid of him, I am afraid of him. He dislikes me and he thinks I was the problem and my testimony was the key to getting him convicted."

In spite of her fears, Davis said she will stop fighting McLeod's parole under one condition.

"If he admits to what he has done instead of denying it, maybe we'll stop going to the parole hearings and just let it be," she said.

If McLeod is denied parole Wednesday he will be eligible again in two years.

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