Mother: 5-year-old dropped off at wrong bus stop

Janay Edwards says her daughter had to walk home. (Source: WYFF)
Janay Edwards says her daughter had to walk home. (Source: WYFF)

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (WYFF) - Spartanburg County School District 5 is investigating what happened after a K5 student at Duncan Elementary was dropped off at the wrong bus stop.

Janay Edwards said her daughter, Sariyyah Pyles, 5, of Greer, is usually picked up and dropped off at a bus stop that is visible from her home, one-tenth of a mile away.

But on Sept. 5, Pyles was dropped off at a bus stop two-tenths of a mile away in the opposite direction, which is not visible from their home on Sunnyglen Drive. She walked home alone, her mother said.

"It is a very big concern for me because the cars do fly through here," Edwards told WYFF. "Also, there are 57 registered sex offenders who live within 10 miles."

Bobby Bentley, spokesman for Spartanburg County School District 5, said it is still unclear exactly how the mistake happened.

"It's a personnel matter," Bentley said. "We're going to try to handle it and make sure it's covered in the future and never happens again."

Bentley said the district requires that an adult be present whenever a K4 or K5 student is dropped off.

"As a district, we go a little bit beyond what the state requires," Bentley told WYFF. "That's why we're very concerned about it and making sure that everyone follows district policy."

Bentley said an adult was present at the stop where Pyles was dropped off, but Edwards said it was not the person she designated to be present for her daughter.

"It could be an instance where she just forgets again," Edwards said. "She could have not been paying attention to where the children actually get off, so it is a big concern to me."

Edwards said she asked her daughter of the mistake scared her.

"She said, 'No, I remembered a memory verse my Nana taught me,'" Edwards said. "(She said) 'When I am afraid, I will trust in the Lord.' She says that's what got her home that day."

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