Delivery driver takes on gunfire while on paper route

Cops: Newspaper delivery driver shot at in N. Charleston

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Police say a newspaper delivery driver was shot at in North Charleston on Thursday morning.

According to North Charleston police spokesman Spencer Pryor, a man was delivering papers on Hyde Avenue traveling towards Durant Avenue when he heard a gunshot, saw a muzzle flash, and realized his vehicle was struck by a bullet.

The victim drove to the Plasma Center at Rivers and McMillan avenues, 2.5 miles away, before calling police to report the incident. The driver-side window of the victim was pierced by a bullet which passed into the stereo face inside the vehicle, Pryor said.

Police canvassed the area where the shooting took place for bullet casings and evidence.

Neighbors say it was a shock to wake up to gunfire.

"I just said get down," recalled Henry Fickling, who jumped on top of his fiance when he heard the shots.

"I was drinking coffee as I was just getting up and all the sudden I heard pop, pop, pop, pop," said Fickling. "My neighbors say they heard six. I heard five."

North Charleston Police say the delivery man only suffered minor cuts to his left arm from the shattered glass. He was unable to provide a description of the suspects.

The incident is under investigation.

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