Women honor friend's memory by campaign to pay it forward

The giving spirit Jeanne Schmidt lived for will live on with her friends.

"She just wanted to pay it forward and just keep giving," said Kelly Weeks.

Jeanne directed Kamp Chemo for years. She died earlier this week.

Jeanne's friends knew she was a giver.

But it wasn't until they heard her husband telling us about their Friday morning routine when they realized she gave to others in the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru line.  Jeanne and her husband would pay for the customer behind them in line as an act of paying it forward.

Her friends hope the lesson is put into practice with others in the community paying for that stranger in line behind you.

"Pass it on for Jeanne day" is Friday. Her friends ask that you pay for the person in line behind you at any drive-through.

When you pull away, don't look back to see their reaction. That's the way Jeanne would have liked it.

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