City to add more downtown bike parking

More parking for downtown bikes

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Downtown bicyclists will soon have more places to park their bikes.

The City of Charleston is installing four bike corrals, which will allow for the parking of multiple bikes.  The corrals will be the first of their kind in the state of South Carolina.

"The population of bicycles and cyclists downtown has grown tremendously downtown," Planning, Preservation and Sustainability Director Tim Keane says.  "We just don't have a big enough supply of bike parking downtown."

The first corral will be installed next week at the corner of King St. and John St.  It will be located at a former vehicle parking space, and will accommodate 10 bicycles.  The remaining corrals will be located at King St. and Hasell St; upper Philip St; and Concord St.

"There's always this friction between cyclists and motorists," Keane says.  "I think part of what we're hoping to do, and merchants up here on King Street, is to promote a sense that cyclists are sharing the road and are welcome with kind of a bike culture downtown."

Keane adds that the corrals will reduce illegal parking of bikes, many of which are chained onto parking meters and street lights.

"I have problems every day," Bicyclist Andrew Smith says.  "I ride my bike every day.  There's just no need for a car down here.  And it's just a consistent problem that I have is finding a place to put my bike."

Keane says the four corrals will cost the city $10,000.