Mom takes extreme measures for son hooked on 'Spice' drug

Mom takes extreme measures for son hooked on 'Spice' drug

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A Summerville woman whose son is hooked on a highly addictive synthetic drug is taking extreme measures to warn other parents.

Nancy, who asked us to hide her identity said Monday her now 19-year-old son has been smoking 'Spice' for two years.

"I'm so terrified that if I can't get him off this, I'm gonna find him dead in his room one day," Nancy said.

Nancy said her son finally admitted to using the drug and told her he has been buying it at the Beer and Tobacco Outlet on Trolley Road.

She went to the store.

"I asked the guy, please stop selling this to my son, I'm begging you. It's addictive, it's ruining his life, please just stop."

Nancy claimed her plea fell on deaf ears.

Two weeks later she caught her son with more spice, and she returned to the store.

"I threatened the man and I screamed in his face and everything else."

The mom put her anger on posters, and plastered them on the store's windows.

"That said 'Spice' is a drug that kills kids, and then I outlined it with little signs that said 'we sell drugs to kids.'

The store owner said Monday he stopped selling 'Spice' four or five months ago.

Police say 'Spice' is legal, and that the makers constantly change the ingredients, in order to get around laws banning it.

"If they change one molecule or one chemical inside of it, it's no longer illegal," explained Summerville Police Capt. Jon Rogers.

Nancy said her son has been off 'Spice' for two weeks and is undergoing counseling.

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