Summerville family captures 12-foot gator

Summerville family captures 12-foot gator

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The state's alligator hunting season started this month, and one Summerville family is warning those gators to watch out.

Sixteen year old Hali Lane likes hanging out with her friends and horseback riding, and along with her father Chris and Uncle John, you can add gator hunting to the list.

"We went out to Lake Moultrie, probably about 11 p.m., my daughter spotted one. It's an adrenaline rush," Chris Lane said.

Onboard an aluminum boat and armed with a big spotlight, harpoon and handgun, they were able to hook several lines into the beast to make the catch.

"Just kept wearing him out till we finally got him tired. We got these hooks made here, we ended up throwing around him and pulling him up beside the boat and ended up shooting him," John Lane said.

The catch was a 12-foot alligator. They don't know how much it weighs, but they say it was definitely a prize.

"We're having the head done. We're doing something with the feet too," Chris Lane said.

The State Department of Natural Resources says gators in the 12 to 13 foot range are a rare catch in South Carolina. State records show the largest caught by DNR was in the 13 foot range.

Gator hunting season now in session and it runs until Oct. 13. SCDNR issues 1200 gator hunting tags each year statewide.

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