Dorchester County honors young girls who helped save mother

RAW AUDIO: 5-year-old calls 911 to help mother in seizure

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Dorchester County honored two young girls after the sisters called 911 to help save their mother.

Damari McCray, 6, and 4-year-old Mackenzie McCray were given an award for bravery after calling 911 to help their mother who was suffering from a seizure.

Last month, Danielle McCray collapsed onto the floor of the family room of her Ladson home.  Her daughters then called 911 to get help.

"I went back in my room and then I came back out and then I called 911 and they came to get her," Damari says.

Damari calmly spoke with the 911 dispatcher, informing her of their home address and Danielle's condition. Mackenzie sang a lullaby to Danielle as they awaited emergency responders.

"I'm always brave," Damari says.  She adds that she learned to dial 911 in emergency situations at school.

Danielle spent two days recovering in the hospital after her seizure, but says she's relieved her daughters were by her side during her medical emergency.

"Who knows what would have happened if I hit my head on something, how long I would've been here," she says.

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