Cops: Woman posing as police officer robs hotel guest

Alicia Lynn Drake
Alicia Lynn Drake

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Investigators have arrested a 23-year-old woman accused of posing as a police officer and robbing a hotel guest in North Charleston.

The North Charleston Police Department charged Alicia Lynn Drake with strong arm robbery and impersonating a police officer.

On Sunday afternoon, police officers responded to the Red Roof Inn on 7480 Northwoods Boulevard in reference to a woman going to different rooms asking for money.

One of the victims said he was on his bed talking on the phone when a woman, wearing a red shirt and dark pants, came into the room through a partially open door. The woman asked the victim for his identification and told him that she was a police officer.

According to police, the women then told the victim that if he did not get off the bed, she was going to call more police officers. The victim said when he stood up, the woman began to search him.

The victim then called his boss' wife, who was staying with her husband at a nearby hotel, and told her that a police officer was in his room. The victim said that the woman identified herself as a police officer, but would not show him any identification.

Police say after the victim was searched, the woman told the victim to sit in the chair and asked him for his wallet. According to investigators, the woman then spotted the victim's wallet from the night stand and took money out of the wallet.

Authorities say the woman also took out papers and a credit card that was in the wallet.

A police report states that the woman asked how much money was on the credit card and for the card's pin number. The victim said after he refused to give the pin number, the woman threw the wallet on the bed and did not take any money or any of the victim's belongings.

Police say at around the same time, two witnesses, the victim's employer and his wife, knocked on the victim's door several times, but no one answered. When the female witness told the woman that she was going to call police, the woman looked out the window and said that she was the police.

When the witnesses attempted to open the door with a key card, police say the woman held the door knob so that they could not get into the room.

A police report states that when the witnesses were finally able to push the door open, the woman came outside and started to talk to the female witness. The witness said that she could detect an odor of alcohol coming from the woman's breath and told her that she was not a police officer and she was going to call the police.

The woman then told the witness that she did not need to call the police because she is a police and immigration officer.

Investigators say that when the female witness grabbed the woman's arm to hold her so she could not leave until the police arrived, the woman told her not to touch her since she is a police officer and said she was going downstairs to grab her immigration identification.

Witnesses say the woman was last seen walking through the parking lot. Police arrested her a short time later.

Another hotel guest also reported that the same woman came into his unlocked room and asked for money to buy her daughter some food. The guest voluntarily gave the woman $20.

Police say the woman then told the victim that she was working with the police and that he was in trouble because she works with immigration. The victim said he was told by the woman to put his hands behind his back and that he needed to pay for a $150 ticket because he had no identification.

According to authorities, the woman got the victim's wallet and took out $140 in cash. After the woman asked the victim if there was anyone else staying in the room, she told him not to lie to her and tell the truth.

The victim said that four other men were staying in the room, but were not there at the moment. The woman then told the victim that she will go and pay his ticket and come back to "bring ten dollars back to him since the ticket is only $150.00."

According to investigators, the woman was also asking people at the nearby In Towne Suites for money.

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