120 people take oath to become U.S. citizens today

120 people take oath to become U.S. citizens today

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The stars and stripes were the back drop in Mt. Pleasant this morning as 120 people took the oath to become American citizens.

The ceremony was held at the Charles Pinckney National Historic Site for the 15th straight year. From countries all over the world, one by one they said their name before taking an oath to follow by U.S. laws.

As part of the nationalization process, each new citizen had to first pass long and difficult tests.

"The history and government tests these people have passed are incredible," said Carlin Timmons, a park ranger who was at the event. "There are questions I'm not sure I could answer."

While saying the pledge of allegiance may be commonplace for most, it was a memorable moment for these 120 people.

"It was emotional, I really like the country," said one person taking part in today's ceremony. "I was waiting for that moment so I'm really excited about it."

Today's event broke a record, with 50 different countries represented in the ceremony.

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