Dist. 41 primary headed for runoff after narrow Thurmond win

Thurmond (left) defeated Hundley (middle) and Burbage in Tuesday's runoff.
Thurmond (left) defeated Hundley (middle) and Burbage in Tuesday's runoff.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - The former Republican nominee for the Senate seat long held by Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell is in a runoff to be the nominee again. But the state Supreme Court could declare the do-over primary invalid.

Former Charleston County Councilman Paul Thurmond was the top vote-getter in Tuesday's GOP primary but failed to win the three-way primary outright. Thurmond received 43% of votes, while Sen. Walter Hundley received 37%. He's had the job two months.

Wally Burbage finished with approximately 20% of the vote.

A runoff is planned Oct. 2.

The son of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond was thrown off the ballot last month when a judge ruled Thurmond did not properly submit paperwork. The judge ordered a special primary, but that decision is being appealed.

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