8-year-old makes fighting childhood cancer his mission

8-year-old makes fighting cancer his mission
Chase Ringler has beat cancer, and is now raising money to help find a cure.
Chase Ringler has beat cancer, and is now raising money to help find a cure.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Eight-year-old Chase Ringler is a healthy active third grader at William Reeves Elementary who loves math and science.

"I like to ride bikes and learn in school", Ringler said.

It's his attitude that his mom Whitney says has gotten him through the toughest of times. In 2007 he was diagnosed with having stage-4 neuroblastoma cancer.

"He had a tumor on his adrenal gland and it showed a spot on his skull and his bone marrow was 95 percent tumor," she said.

Chase had stage-4 cancer and had to go through eight rounds of chemo, a bone marrow transplant, 14 rounds of radiation and anti-body therapy. Chase has fought the fight of his life but is happy to say he has been cancer free for 4 years.

"He is one of the lucky ones. He was given a 30% chance of survival ", Whitney Ringler said.

In 2009 Whitney came up with Chase after a Cure to help other kids dealing with this disease.

"We wanted to give back and after realizing there was very little funding for childhood cancer research," she says. "We turned our tragedy into something good."

"I want to help erase other people's cancer and help them fight it," Chase Ringler said.

Now Chase is back to doing the things he really loves. This summer he won first place in every swim meet he went to.

"We just live everyday like it's the best day that's all you can do, "Ringler said.

For more information about the Chase after a Cure organization go to chaseafteracure.com

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