Business links veterans to franchise opportunities

Business links veterans to franchise opportunities

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) Calling all ex-military men and women with dreams of owning their own business. A Charleston-based company is helping connect veterans to do just that.

Anthony Brown visits businesses across the Lowcountry is making a sales pitch for his company. The US Army veteran served for 12 years and has since started a business as owner of a "360 Clean" franchise.

"It started off with one contract, now we have 18. I am very proud," Brown said.

One franchise founder tells me there are several reasons why he likes to recruit veterans to own their own business, and he says veterans in his company have had great success.

360 Clean has franchises in 12 states nationwide and several franchise owners and employees are ex-military.

"They understand following a system. That's obviously what a franchise offers is a proven system, and veterans especially understand, the positive aspects in following a system," 360 Clean founder and CEO Barry Bodiford said.

Dave Schwartz works every day to connect these veterans to franchise opportunities.

"Most of the time a lot of veterans will have the right amount of capital, or need a certain amount of capital, but they do need a little extra push. This will definitely make it a little easier for them to get into business," Veterans Franchise CEO David Schwartz said.

Schwartz says his company helps vets with financing and his franchisers offer incentives, like discounts on fees to start the business and even some start up money.

For vets, they say they're thankful for the extra help.

"One thing I worried about is when I get out of the military, am I going to be able to find a job. I think groups like this will help military people, with the skills that they learn in the military, they can take some of the same skills and become business owners," Brown said.

Several companies are looking for veterans who want to franchise.

Those companies include convenience store Seven-11, footwear company Flip Flop Shop and tutoring company Mathnasium. The International Franchise Association is also making a push to recruit veterans as franchise owners through the Vetfran program.

More than 200 franchises nationwide participate.

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