High school's favorite chef, teacher fighting cancer

BLYTHEWOOD, SC (WIS) - The impact some teachers have on your lives can last a lifetime and at Blythewood High School, Chef William Turner seems to have that magic touch.

"The more he stays on you, the more you know that he loves you, because he wants the best for you," said student Meredith McDowell.

Turner has been honored as Blythewood High School Teacher of the Year and state Culinary Teacher of the Year, but inside his kitchen it's about much more than food. He's teaching life.

But there are some battles that take time to win, like cancer. The news that Turner needed to hang up his hat traveled fast through the tight-knit community. 

"I want you to know you will still see me at Blythewood High games, concerts, and events from time to time. I will continue to keep in touch and see and hear from you often. Blythewood is a very special place. I will always be a part of it," said Turner in a letter to his students.

Turner has had cancer for two years. Students say he's also shown them how to carry on when adversity strikes.

"That's what is so amazing about chef," said McDowell. "Something so drastic can be going on in his life and he finds a way to make it positive and he finds a way to keep himself up."

"He's fought through his sickness and shown us that anything is possible," said Hunter Durham.

Chef Turner's last day is Friday. That's when he'll begin focusing on treatments full time. Until then, students and the community are showing their love every chance they get and holding out for his return.

"We shouldn't be sad because he's going, but celebrate and reflect on the time he was here and reflect on the time that he has made Blythewood what it is today," said Durham. "He's been a key part of what makes Blythewood Blythewood."