Cops: Customer points gun at carpet installer in W. Ashley home

Brad Eillison Stewart
Brad Eillison Stewart

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - A 27-year-old man is behind bars accused of pointing a gun at a man who was hired to measure the suspect's floors.

The Charleston Police Department charged Brad Eillison Stewart with pointing a firearm at a person.

On Friday afternoon, police met with the 47-year-old victim who said someone pointed a gun at him at a home in West Ashley. The victim said he was at a home on Babbitt Street measuring the interior of Stewart's home for carpet installation.

The victim said as he was measuring a room on the third floor, Stewart suddenly became agitated because the victim had opened a door to a room that Stewart "felt he had no business opening."

While continuing to measure, the victim said he heard a sound like a round being loaded into a gun. The victim said when he looked up, he saw Stewart standing in front of him with a black gun in his hand.

Stewart then said,"Get the (expletive) out."

The victim said he quickly left the home. Investigators say as the victim was walking down the stairs, he looked over his shoulder and saw Stewart pointing the gun at him.

Stewart told police he felt the victim was being rude to him while he was measuring the floor. According to Stewart, the victim went into a closet that he didn't have permission to measure.

Stewart said he got his gun from his bedroom night stand to get the victim to leave quickly.

Police say Stewart was "adamant" that he never would have hurt the victim, but only wanted him to leave the house. Stewart also told officers he never pointed the gun at the victim.

A police report states officers retrieved Stewart's gun on his night stand and found the weapon's magazine was loaded with eight rounds, but no ammunition was found in the chamber of the gun.

Stewart was locked up at the Charleston County Detention Center.

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