DEA partners up with law enforcement for drug take back

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Drug Enforcement Administration is tackling the growing problem of prescription drug abuse.

Every day more than 2,000 teens abuse prescription drugs for the first time. The government says it has a game plan and it starts in our homes.

The DEA has partnered with law enforcement all over the country and has organized a national drug take back to help get prescription drugs out of our homes and away from our children.

According to, two thirds of kids and teens who abuse prescriptions drugs say they got them from family members and friends.

In the United States, one person dies from a drug overdose every 19 minutes.

Properly disposing of your old medicines is helping to stop the rate of teens abusing prescription drugs.

"Depression medications, ADHD medications, things like that are getting abused and putting kids in the hospital and the morgue," said Sgt. Trevor Shelor with the Crime Prevention Office with Charleston police. "They are committing burglaries. To do this they're stealing out of friends and family medicine cabinets and we need to try and put a stop to that and save some lives."

Even though the drug take back isn't until this weekend, police want you to start looking through your cabinets and drawers now to get everything together.

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