Residents in path of I-526 extension want decision

Residents in path of proposed extension want decision

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Chuck Gregoire prepared his Savannah Condominium Complex townhouse for a new tenant moving in this week.  He considers himself lucky to have the chance to rent the townhouse, when the fate of several of his neighbors' homes is unknown.

"We just wish they would just tell us one way or another - Are we going to move forward or not?" Gregoire says.

Two of the buildings in the complex could be torn down to make way for the I-526 expansion, according to one proposal.

Residents have known about the plans for two years, but now that the South Carolina Department of Transportation voted to not sponsor the project, many say the future of their homes is even more blurry.

"You can't make any plans.  You can't refinance.  You can't sell your home without disclosing.  It puts you in a state of limbo," Townhouse owner Emily Cravedi says, adding that she had plans to live her retired years at her current address.

As a landlord, Gregoire says he reconsiders plans to improve his townhouse until more details are known.

"You put tenants in and the air conditioner goes.  Do you spend the $5,000 to fix the air conditioner?" He says.

Some residents say although they hope the expansion will not happen, they just want a clear decision.

"I would love for them to not do it, because then my home would be safe," Cravedi says.  "In the alternative, I want them to make a decision and I want them to do it with all due haste."