Special pup needs high chair to eat properly

Starship licks her chops after enjoying a bowl of food in her high chair. (Greenville Co. Animal Care)
Starship licks her chops after enjoying a bowl of food in her high chair. (Greenville Co. Animal Care)

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - A special pooch that is up for adoption in Greenville turns some heads when she climbs into her high chair for chow time.

Starship was only a few months old and weighed only four pounds when she arrived at Greenville County Animal Care in June.

"Of the cases I have seen, hers is the most severe," said Dr. Teri Worl, a veterinarian at the animal shelter. "Her esophagus was dilated. I don't know how she survived as long as she did."

Worl said an X-ray showed a narrowing of her esophagus, which was preventing Starship from receiving the nutrition she needed. The condition is known as mega esophagus.

"She was literally starving to death, because none of the food was getting to her stomach to be able to digest those nutrients," Worl said.

With a condition like that, vets knew they had to come up with a creative way to allow Starship to eat and drink. Enter a high chair made by Worl's husband.

SLIDESHOW: Check out pics of Starship in her chair

In her custom-made chair, Starship, now 6 months old, can go through a bowl of food in less than a minute. She has gained six pounds since coming to the shelter.

Starship is quite playful and popular at the shelter. She needs a lot of specialized care, and will likely need the chair for the rest of her life, Worl said.

Applicants will need to have a veterinary reference, and workers will need to conduct a home visit before Starship can be adopted.

To inquire about adopting Starship, contact the shelter at 328 Furman Hall Rd., via phone at 864-467-3985 or via email at adoptapet@greenvillecounty.org.

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