911 audio: Man threatens to kill police officers in deadly standoff

911 audio: Man threatens to kill police officers in deadly standoff

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A 60-year-old man can be heard on newly released 911 audio tapes threatening to kill police officers and SWAT team members during a standoff in Mount Pleasant in which the man was gunned down after pointing a gun at authorities.

On Sept. 18, Richard Cathcart III died from a gunshot wound after a standoff at his home on Wappetaw Place.

In the 911 tapes, Cathcart talks to emergency dispatchers and warns that he will kill the responding officers if they do not move away from his house.

"If you don't get those cops away from here, I'm going to kill every one of them," Cathcart tells 911 responders on the phone.

An incident report states officers responded after Cathcart's wife called dispatchers and told them her husband had been drinking alcohol and had a gun.

Cathcart's wife said she left the home when he told her he was going to get the gun.  A little later, a neighbor walked over to speak to Cathcart, and he threatened to shoot her, the report states.

Cathcart's wife also told dispatchers her husband was prescribed medications for mental issues, according to the report.

Investigators said the man had been taunting the SWAT team during the three-hour standoff.  According to a report, Cathcart yelled "I'll kill you" and "get out of the car" as he pointed his weapon at officers outside.

The report also states Cathcart said, "If you want me, come inside."

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