Summerville family wants answers after pet bunnies killed

Summerville family wants answers after pet bunnies killed

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A Summerville family is looking for answers after finding their pet rabbits dead and arranged in a strange way in their yard Thursday. One was decapitated and another had its tail chopped off and shoved in the third rabbit's mouth.  Joanna Pavlovich breeds these show-quality, award-winning rabbits at her Summerville home. Her rabbits have taken home top prizes.

"These are our family members. These are our children. Even though they have four legs and fur, they are still a member of our family," Pavlovich said.

Then tragedy struck. Someone stole three of her loved ones from these cages in her garage. She says Onyx, Moo, and Buster Brown were tortured and killed, then left in a semi-circle in her front yard.

"The way that they were laid out on the grass. No animal can do that. Not in the pattern they were laid out. It's horrifying and unthinkable that somebody can do something that cruel to an innocent animal," Pavlovich said.

Pavlovich had left her garage door open just a few inches for ventilation. It was locked, so she believes whoever broke in crawled under that space.

Summerville police are investigating the rabbit theft and killing. The Pavlovich family is offering a reward for information.

"We just want to know why it was done. If it was an act of vengeance against me, please tell me what I did to deserve something like this,"

Pavlovich says she and her husband were home when the rabbits were taken Thursday morning... But they didn't hear anything.She says the way the cages had been pried open show that it was a person... And not an animal who took her animals.

The Pavlovich's say nothing else was stolen from their garage during the burglary.Police say they were no fingerprints found at the scene.

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