Report: Man found brother shot to death outside post office

RAW VIDEO: Police investigating shooting at North Charleston post office

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A police report states that a man who was looking for his brother found him shot to death in an SUV at a post office's parking lot in North Charleston.

According to the North Charleston Police Department, 30-year-old Kareen Wylder was found by his brother, Cortez Wylder, Wednesday afternoon at the parking lot of the Pinehaven post office on 2180 McMillan Ave.

Cortez Wylder told officers that he had been searching for his brother since Monday night. Wylder said he had contacted his brother's girlfriend in order for her to contact the car dealership so that they may be able to track his brother's SUV by using a GPS tracking device.

Wylder said when he received the location of his brother's SUV, he found his brother dead inside the SUV and called 911. Responding officers reported seeing a gunshot wound to the victim's shoulder and one to his head.

The coroner's office says Kareen Wylder died from a gunshot wound either late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. The coroner believes Wylder was killed in front of the post office in the SUV where he was found Tuesday afternoon.

The coroner's office is treating the death as a homicide.

"The violence just really needs to stop," says Lisa Doctor, who is a family friend of the Wylder's.

Doctor says she's seen too much blue lights and crime scene tape in North Charleston recently.

"More needs to be done with all this killing going on around here," says Doctor. "It's just getting outrageous now."

Doctor was one of a handful of friends and family members who had to hold the 30-year-old's mother back from entering the crime scene. Doctor says it was something Wylder's mother didn't need to see.

"I'm a mother two so to lose your child to violence and you don't know why... it hurts," says Doctor. "Why someone would want to take your child's life and put him in the car and leave him like that all day and all night like he's nothing, that hurts."

The Charleston County coroner did not release how many times Wylder was shot or where but they said they are investigating his death as a homicide.

The North Charleston Police Department says they are investigating the incident as a suspicious death.

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