Veteran granted "Wish of a Lifetime" to visit Charleston

Veteran granted "Wish of Lifetime" to visit Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It's been eight years since Pvt. Lucille Smith visited with her fellow female veterans of the Air Force.

"Usually all go to the reunion and we'd all be there and just have a good time," Smith said.

Smith served six years in the Air Force from 1949-1955.  She says she enjoyed the annual reunions with fellow airmen, which are held in a different city each year.  But after suffering a heart attack eight years ago, Smith was unable to attend.  That is, until "Wish of a Lifetime" heard her story.

"Wish of a Lifetime" is a national organization that grants wishes to deserving senior citizens across the country.

"Serving her country was so important to her that she has gone to just about every one of these reunions since she left the service," CEO George Bogdewiecz says.  "And it was us that took her idea and made her wish of a lifetime happen."

The Ohio-native says she was "shocked" to learn she was chosen, and appreciated one final chance to see her fellow veterans.

"I mean the cost of flying me down here and the hotel and they even had a caregiver for me -- made sure I behaved," Smith said.

The veterans will continue to tour Charleston until Sunday.

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