Reality television show filming in Beaufort

Items at Beaufort Liquidation (
Items at Beaufort Liquidation (

BEAUFORT, S.C. (AP) - Beaufort will be the setting for a new reality television show.

Jeff Lowe of Beaufort Liquidation says his company and auction house will be the focus of an as-of-yet untitled reality show similar to "Pawn Stars," ''Storage Wars" and "Baggage Battles."

Lowe says the show will air on A&E.

People interested in buying and selling liquidated goods at auction are being sought to audition for the program.

Lowe says the crew will film an Oct. 20 auction.

He says the crew wants to see how he operates in taking trucks from stores like Walmart and Kmart.

Lowe says one plot will be the liquidation business and the second will deal with how someone can earn money by selling a pallet of random items.

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