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Google goes inside Little Nemo's dreams

A screengrab from the animated Google doodle honoring Little Nemo in Slumberland. (Source: RNN) A screengrab from the animated Google doodle honoring Little Nemo in Slumberland. (Source: RNN)

(RNN) – Once again Google has transformed its logo into an interactive animated work of art, and this one is the tech giant's most involved "doodle" yet.

A seemingly innocuous graphic expands to more than 15 times its original size as comic strip character Little Nemo is transported through "Google-land," a fictional recreation of the popular comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland, which ran in the New York Herald and the New York American from 1905 to 1914.

The doodle was created to honor the anniversary of the strip first appearing in the Herald on Oct. 15, 1905. According to some sources, the birthday of the strip's creator, Winsor McCay, was nearly the same day, Oct. 13, 1896, though the day – and year – are both disputed. He died July 26, 1934.

The doodle starts with a small banner and Google's "G" pushes Nemo out of his bed and into a hole in the floor. A series of drop down tabs the user must click on to activate send Nemo on a whirlwind fantasy adventure through animated frames, each featuring a different letter in the Google name until he finally ends up where he began – falling out his bed, suggesting the doodle is a chronicle of that journey through a dream.

All of the cartoon frames are visible at the end, though not all at once because the doodle is too large to fit in a standard browser window without scrolling. A couple of the frames remain animated to correspond with the user's scrolling.

The graphic represents not only a visually appealing series of animations, but a leap into uncharted territory as Google hadn't introduced a doodle that expanded beyond a standard browsing window until now.

But the doodle does not work appear on all Internet browsers or mobile devices, such as smart phones of tablets. Instead, a static image different from the animated one is shown. For those unable to see it themselves, video of the doodle is not hard to find.

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