Earthquake Awareness Week in South Carolina

Earthquake Awareness Week in South Carolina

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It's been more than 100 years since Charleston suffered one of most devastating earthquakes in U.S. history.

This week is Earthquake Awareness Week in South Carolina.

Bolts and cracked bricks along buildings in downtown Charleston are a constant reminder of the devastating earthquake of 1886, and that's why the State Emergency Management Division wants to make sure you are prepared.

There are several events planned to remind people to prepare and be ready just in case we get hit with an earthquake.

Earthquakes are as much of a hazard in South Carolina as hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding.

Officials say South Carolina has about a dozen small earthquakes a year.

One of the most devastating earthquakes in U.S. history was back in 1886 with a 7.3 magnitude that crumbled much of Charleston.

Being prepared and aware is your best line of defense.

"The most important thing is to remember that there is a possibility that we could get hit again, and to know what to do," said Erin Beutel an associate professor of geology."The safest place to be in an earthquake is under a table or desk. We are at a real risk of having another magnitude 7, but we're not sure when that's coming."

Experts say after a major earthquake we could be on our own for 72 hours up to a week. So preparing an emergency kit is crucial.

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