Mt. Pleasant cops keep books on habitual offenders

Mt. Pleasant cops keep books on habitual offenders

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Mt. Pleasant police have a unique way to keep track of the town's worst repeat offenders.

Their criminal histories are kept in separate book binders on a shelf at the police department.

Each one is labeled with the offender's last name.

They are called habitual offender files.

"They'll do some time, either in jail or in prison. They'll come back out and then they'll start re-offending and then we pick them right back up as an offender and start monitoring them," Sgt. Mark Arnold explained.

Inside the files are incident reports, rap sheets and mug shots.

"Any documentation where law enforcement interacts with the individual is in this book," Arnold said.

Who's considered to be the worst habitual offender?

Sgt. Arnold says it's 43-year-old John David Barr.

"He's the individual who started out with minor offenses, misdemeanor, municipal type court offenses."

Arnold says Barr eventually started committing more serious crimes.

His rap sheet is 21 pages long and goes back to 1990. It includes some prison time and a couple of probation violations.

"He's almost 40 years old. What can I say? I can't keep him in the house all the time, I can't keep him in school," said Barr's father Donald Barr.

Sgt. Arnold said the habitual offender files are a great tool in court. He said the files are shown to judges during sentencing,with hopes the offender will receive a lengthy sentence.

Currently, there are 21 such offenders being monitored in town, according to Arnold.

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