KKK fliers found in West Ashley neighborhood

A copy of the fliers circulating the area. (Source: CCSO)
A copy of the fliers circulating the area. (Source: CCSO)

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a number of West Ashley residents reported finding Klu Klux Klan fliers in the Forest Lakes area.

Captain Mike Stanley said many of the fliers have been taken into evidence, and asks residents who find more of them around their property to throw them in the trash.

If you saw suspicious persons or vehicles in the Forest Lakes area on Thursday evening, you are asked to contact the Charleston County Sheriff's Office at 843-202-1700 or Crime Stoppers at 843-554-1111.

This is not the first time this year Klan fliers have circulated West Ashley.  In March, fliers were found in the Parsonage Road and Pierpont nieghborhoods.

At that time, we spoke with a man, Frank Ancona, who called himself the organization's "Imperial Wizard," who told us, "We're concerned about the future of America and the white race of America. We want to preserve and protect our heritage, our rights that are guaranteed under the consititution."

"99% of [our] Klan members are patriotic, concerned about our country, concerned about our rights and our freedom, but yet we're all painted with this broad brush because of the acts of a few bad Klansmen in the past."

He continued, "I'm sorry that someone would be offended by that. I'm kind of offended sometimes when i get a newspaper in my yard with articles in there promoting lifestyles i don't agree with, but i don't call police. i choose not to read the story."

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