Female soldiers form group to mentor one another

Associated Press

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. (AP) - Female Army officers and enlisted soldiers are coming together at an Army headquarters in South Carolina to form "Sisters in Arms," a group to mentor women in uniform and help them navigate a military career.

Lt. Col. Stacie Hatten, 1 of the organizers, says she thinks women in uniform need to share ideas and build camaraderie in an overwhelmingly male atmosphere. Only 15% of the Army's 1.1 million soldiers are female.

Hatten's group held its first meeting Thursday at the Third Army Headquarters, which is located on Shaw Air Force Base.

The program brings senior officers and enlisted women together every month. Organizers say they want members to contact any senior mentor and feel free to discuss all issues, ranging from health matters to family conflicts or sexual harassment.

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