Cops: High school burglar claims thefts were for lunch money

Matthew Thomas Moses
Matthew Thomas Moses

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - A 33-year-old Ladson man accused of breaking into vending machines at Stratford High School, told officers that he stole money from the machines because he needed lunch money for a job that he was starting the next day.

The Goose Creek Police Department charged Matthew Thomas Moses with second-degree burglary, possession of implements capable of being used in a crime and resisting arrest.

On Sunday night, officers responded to Stratford High School in reference to an alarm at the Technology and Industrial building. While en route, officers were told that alarms were being triggered in the ROTC wing.

The alarm company also told police that, "It sounded like something was being destroyed in the building."

Officers say when they arrived, they spotted a Chevrolet Cavalier parked in the front of the ROTC building. A police report states that when an officer spotted Moses in the Technology and Industrial building hallway, the suspect ran away.

Authorities say Moses, who was dressed in black, left the building through a rear door holding a yellow crowbar in his hand. According to police, Moses continued to run from officers until he reached a dead end, at which time he dropped the crowbar and got on the ground.

Officers say when they found a large quantity of $1 bills in Moses' coat pocket, Moses repeatedly moaned, cried and said,"Oh no....Oh God...I'm going to jail."

After Moses gave the officers his name, Moses said, "Oh God...Oh God...I'm starting a job tomorrow...I just needed some lunch money."

When the officer asked Moses why he had to break into a high school to get lunch money, Moses said,"The door was open. I'm going to go to prison for a long time, huh?"

Officers said they found $125 in $1 bills in Moses' coat.

School officials then arrived on scene and told officers that there was a previous burglary last Thursday in which a yellow crowbar was used.

Police say school officials identified gloves and a black hat Moses was wearing as items that were seen on video surveillance from the previous burglary. According to authorities, someone had broken into the school last Thursday and stolen $420 from vending machines.

Investigators with the Goose Creek Police Department say Moses may be responsible for that burglary as well.

Moses was locked up at the Berkeley County Detention Center.

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