Candle light vigil planned for Allison Griffor; Sheriff discusses case

Candle light vigil planned for Allison Griffor; Sheriff discusses case

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - A candle light vigil is planned for this Thursday marking the one year anniversary of the death of Allison Griffor.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office Victim's Advocate Office and the Homicide Support Group will be holding the vigil on Thursday, Oct. 25 at 6:30 p.m. at Park Circle in North Charleston.

Sheriff Al Cannon also held a press conference on Tuesday and announced his investigators have a good idea who is involved in the shooting death of the 5-year-old girl who was shot at her Pierpont home in West Ashley nearly a year ago.

Cannon talked about the case and said it's still an active investigation and reminded people to come forward if they have any information about the shooting.

"We have a good idea of who is involved," Cannon said during a press conference on Tuesday."There were several home invasions and armed robberies at the time."

Cannon believes some of the suspects in Griffor's murder are in jail now but investigators cannot prove their involvement in the murder yet. According to Cannon, the U.S. Attorney's Office and the FBI are still involved in the case.

Cannon said the murder weapon, a .12 gauge shotgun, has yet to be located.

It was on Oct. 25, 2011 when Allison Griffor was sleeping in her home, when investigators say bullets came through the front door during the middle of the night. The girl's father, William Griffor, told deputies he and his wife heard someone kicking at the door around 1 a.m.

When he walked towards the front door, the intruder opened fire. One of the shotgun pellets hit Allison and she died in the hospital several days later.

One week after the Griffor murder, Charleston police arrested three men in connection with an armed robbery at the Pierpont pub which is just around the corner from the Griffor's house.

A shotgun was recovered. Later Sheriff Cannon said it's possible those suspects could be connected to the Griffor case, but so far no connection has been made.

Since Allison's death, the Griffor family has moved to another state.

If you have any information on the case you are asked to call the sheriff's office at (843) 202-1700 or Crime Stoppers at (843) 554-1111.

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