Candlelight vigil marks anniversary of 5-year-old's death

Candlelight vigil marks anniversary of 5-year-old's death
Allison Griffor (Source: Facebook)
Allison Griffor (Source: Facebook)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County Sheriff's Office Victim's Advocate Office and the Homicide Support Group held a candlelight vigil for Allison Griffor, the 5-year-old girl who died days after she was shot while she slept in her Pierpont home in West Ashley one year ago Thursday.

A handful of pink balloons, bows and a folder full of memories decorated a gazebo in Park Circle for the event.

"It's hard to believe it's been a year," says Griffor family friend Steve Whitson. "It's very hard to believe it."

Whitson and his family lived near the Griffor's in West Ashley before the Allison died. Like the rest of the small group of people who gathered together for the vigil, the pain of the little girl's senseless death is still very fresh for Whitson.

Victim's advocate Easter LaRoche says that's why these types of events are important to have for not only the family but also members of the community.

"It's important for many reasons," says LaRoche. "Number one we do not want the community to forget Allison. Allison was a lovely little precious angel that did nothing... to deserve this.

"We're doing this also to help the family so the Griffor family will know they're not alone that we support them."

But writing letters to the family and singing songs to help the healing process don't answer the questions Whitson has about the night Griffor was shot.

Questions like who did it and if they'll ever be held responsible?

"I wish that they find out who did it and justice will be served," says Whitson. "She didn't deserve that and it's just a terrible situation."

On Oct. 25, 2011, Allison Griffor was sleeping in her home when investigators say spray from a .12-gauge shotgun came through the front door during the middle of the night. The girl's father, William Griffor, told deputies he and his wife heard someone kicking at the door around 1 a.m.

When he walked towards the front door, the intruder opened fire. Some of the pellets hit Allison and she died in the hospital several days later.

One week after the Griffor murder, Charleston police arrested three men in connection with an armed robbery at the Pierpont pub which is just around the corner from the Griffor's house.

A shotgun was recovered. Later Sheriff Cannon said it's possible those suspects could be connected to the Griffor case, but so far no connection has been made.

Since Allison's death, the Griffor family has moved to another state.

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