Man hopes old Navy hospital purchase will revitalize area

Hospital purchase to revitalize?

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Kenneth Mazeek remembers when the south end of North Charleston was booming, "One went...the other goes...the people kind of went with it."

The Naval ship yard and old navy hospital kept people in the area. When they both closed so did many businesses.

"Years ago it was busy in this area. Now it seems that it's a ghost town," said Mazeek.

Mazeek hopes the recent $2 million purchase of the old navy hospital by the city will bring back the town he remembers from when he was a kid.

"Great, maybe we can bring it back like it was in the 70's and the 80's. That would be real great for this community."

Mayor Summey said no solid plans are in the works yet.

"We're already trying to engage conversation. That was one of the purposes of today was to walk through and see what we've got."

It was a first for many of the city council members to walk through the old navy hospital Thursday morning, but not for Ed Astle. For him it brought back memories.

"I had a few surgeries in here after I shattered a disc. it was good to go back on the 6th floor and see where I laid around and spent time."

Only time will tell if another hospital will take its place, but Mayor Summey says he has a vision for the area once called Pinehaven.

"I want this to be a place where people want to come and visit. You can put the right development in here that will speak to people."