Candidates face-off at forum for District 41 seat

Candidates face-off at forum for District 41 seat

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - A forum turned face-off in West Ashley. Paul Thurmond and Paul Tinkler traded words in hopes to get votes Monday at Orange Grove Elementary School.

The candidates touched on topics such as Boeing and unions, taxes, and whether or not Interstate 526 should be completed.

"I'm certainly concerned about the price tag but I believe it's a wonderful investment," says Thurmond in reference to the completing the Mark Clark. "This place is continuing to grow."

Tinkler has a different stance on the subject which marked the first of multiple forks in the road between the candidates.

"I'll support whichever decision is made," says Tinkler.

Tinkler, a democrat, attacked attack ads saying he'd raise taxes.

"It is silly, it is juvenile and it is false," he said mentioning a mailer sent out by 'Thurmond's friends in Columbia' better known as the Senate Republican Caucus.

"I have no intention to raise taxes if I'm elected to this office," Tinkler finished.

Thurmond, a conservative, concluded by touting his resilience.

"I've fought over the last four months to make sure you have a choice," he said. "It's been a grueling process. Three primaries, two court ballots..."

And now the final election a week away on November 6.

Thurmond served on the Charleston County Council for three years until his term ended in 2010.

Tinkler was on the Charleston City council for seven years between 1998 and 2007.

Both men are lawyers and are vying for the open District 41 senate seat in Columbia. The seat opened up when Glenn McConnell took over the position of Lt. Governor. Ken Ard resigned from the position earlier this year after he pled guilty to ethics violations.

Monday night's forum moderator was Bill Sharpe, Live 5 News anchor.

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