Thieves target Summerville storage business three times in three months

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - For the folks who run Beech Hill One Storage in Summerville, it's becoming a recurring headache.

Monday night, thieves broke into the business for the third time since August and again stole a utility trailer.

"They're coming in the middle of the night and they're in and out in five to ten minutes," said manager Janet Person. "The people look the same. I think it's the same people."

The thieves apparently are not concerned about the signs warning they're being watched by the cameras.

"We have 16 cameras, we have alarms.It's frustrating. I know our owners are doing everything we can," Person said.

Person each time the burglars cut a hole in the fence, cut a chain and pulled the gate back.

Then they went straight for the utility trailers.

"They can take them out of state real easy. There's no titles on them, so they're much harder to track," she explained.

She said the trailers can easily be resold for quick cash.

"One guy I know said that his trailer had been stolen before. They found it in a pawn shop a day later, that was one of the smaller ones. They got $900 overnight for it."

The Dorchester County Sheriff's Office said utility trailer thefts are a big issue right now. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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