SC steel mill laying off 20 Georgetown workers

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (AP) - The workforce at a South Carolina steel mill appears to be dipping again.

The Georgetown steel plant owned by the world's largest steel producer laid off 20 workers and isn't filling another 20 jobs.

Local Steelworkers Union President James Sanderson says the cutbacks at ArcelorMittal mean the mill now employs a fewer than 200 workers, down from 280 workers in 2008.

The plant's previous owners filed for bankruptcy in 2003 but it reopened under new ownership in 2004. ArcelorMittal bought the plant in 2007.

The mill stopped production in 2009, laying off about 240 workers.

The company reopened early last year with a promise it would not shut down entirely until the union contract expired, which came in September.

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