Fair officials take lessons learned this year to plan for next year

Coastal Carolina Fair looks to learn lessons

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - After 11 days of carnival rides, food, and games, the Coastal Carolina Fair is over, but with the good came the bad, such as traffic, parking problems, and even a fight that broke out. Fair officials are already at work to make sure next year's fair is fun and safe.

Fair vendors spent the day Monday packing up and heading out after a big week and a half.

"This year 229,410 people attended the fair. that's 15,000 plus increase over last year. Very happy. The second Sunday worked out great," Exchange Club Fair spokesman Joe Bolchoz said.

Bolchoz says planning for next year is already underway with to help avoid some problems that happened this year. For example on Saturday, there were so many people highway patrol had to redirect traffic away from the fairgrounds. There was also a dangerous situation that broke out.

On Saturday night deputies say they were called out to one of the rides after a fight broke out. They say a teenager had several stab wounds to his stomach.

"We certainly will be looking at it. what has happened here is simply things that happened in a matter of split seconds. no one has really been able to tell us how to stop that. the word should be out by now this is not the place to come if you're not here to have a good time," Bolchoz said.

He says the Exchange Club organization works year-round to make the fair better and better each year. Traffic and parking are two other issues that will be addressed, but at this time no changes are in effect yet.

"Two hundred seventy five people will be given the opportunity to tell us what they like at the fair, from there the board will be working on a regular basis, once a month at least, to plan the next fair," Bolchoz said.

Bolchoz did not rule out metal detectors at the gates in the future, but he says they can create a logistical issue when thousands of people are trying to get in on any given day.

At this time fair officials are working with the sheriff's office on the investigation of the stabbing. The victim was taken to a local hospital. No arrests have been made.