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Thurmond defeats Tinkler, wins District 41 seat

Paul Thurmond Paul Thurmond
Paul Tinkler Paul Tinkler

Paul Thurmond has emerged victorious from the race for Lieutenant Governor Glenn McConnell's District 41 SC Senate seat.

Thurmond, a Republican, defeated Democrat Paul Tinkler with 22,289 votes to 16,598.  Thurmond will now hold the seat formerly held by Glenn McConnell, who was forced to step into the void at lieutenant governor after the resignation of Ken Ard in early 2012.

Thurmond spoke with Reporter Harve Jacobs late Tuesday, "I'm really proud of what we've accomplished."

The son of Strom Thurmond said he thought Tinkler's strategy backfired, " I think that people looked at the negative effort by my opponent, and rejected it, and said, 'We're going to go with the fellow who has projected a positive conservative message.'"

Thurmond said he already has plans for office, "I think the first thing is trying to get people back[...] and the way we do that is across-the-board tax cuts.  We reduce the burden of government on business and individuals."

Thurmond also mentioned education and ethics reform as two of his key issues "that came to light throughout knocking on doors and talking to businesses."

At one point there was a question of whether the district race would even happen. Just last month, a panel of judges ruled that Republican nominee Paul Thurmond could stay on the ballot.

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