Alcohol sales referendum passes in Walterboro

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - Walterboro voters approved a referendum Tuesday night to allow bars and restaurants to serve alcohol on Sundays.

The referendum allows the establishments within city limits to serve alcoholic drinks for on-premise consumption.

We spoke to some business owners last week, and they were confident the referendum would make a difference to their business.

"I think if we could sell alcohol on Sundays, it would definitely help boost business," Main Street Bar and Grille Owner Derek Rush said.

Rush says Sunday sales of alcohol would coax more people to visit his establishment.

"People could go and have a nice place to go and have something to eat on Sundays, watch the ball game, drink a beer, if they wanted to -- if that's their choice," he said. "But county-wide we can't do that and it kind of puts a cramp on things."

Businesses outside of the service industry are also reporting that a change would increase their bottom line.

Linda Kelley, the general manager of Microtel Inn & Suites, says visitors oftentimes cancel their reservation after they learn that Colleton County is dry.

"They will always ask the front desk, for a good restaurant and where they can get a drink and when we inform them they can't do that here, nine out of ten will just go ahead and check out," she said.

City manager Jeff Lord said last week if the referendum was passed, it would go in effect immediately after certification by the State Department of Revenue.

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