Murder suspect on the run charged with threatening children's mother

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police have charged the murder suspect who slipped out of his electronic monitoring bracelet last month and fled the state with making threats over the phone to the mother of his three children.

According to a Charleston Police Department incident report, 29-year-old Travaris Walker made several threatening phone calls to his children's mother on Oct. 24.  Walker, charged with the December 2011 murder of 25-year-old Marquis Richardson, slipped out of his bracelet the week before making contact with the victim.

An incident report states Walker told the woman at 9:19 a.m. and told her that he was "going to kill her, come to her work and beat her up, slash her tires on her vehicle and break out the windows, and come to her residence and break out the windows and cause a scene to the point of her getting into trouble with housing to have her kicked out."

While police were interviewing the woman, Walker called her again and the woman put the phone on speaker for the officer to hear. The report states Walker "[said] he was sorry for the earlier phone calls but then stated 'when you slip up, I am going to whip that (expletive)'".

The police officer also noted Walker sent the victim a text message stating he was going to "beat her like Rodney King" when he found her alone.

Walker was captured Oct. 25 in Riverdale, Georgia, located just outside of Atlanta. He was charged with second-degree intimidation upon his return to the Al Cannon Detention Center Thursday.

Walker's bond, of which the victim was a co-signer, was revoked after he slipped out of his bracelet, so he will remain in jail until he goes to trial for Richardson's murder. Three others are charged in connection with the crime: 29-year-old Fredrick Sanders, 23-year-old Latasha McCall, and 22-year-old King Wilson.