North Charleston pays tribute to military veterans

North Charleston pays tribute to military veterans

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Thank you! It was the message shared with more than 500 veterans who gathered in Park Circle in N. Charleston for a tribute event this Veterans Day.

"It's just a good day of celebration, let all the veterans come out and visit with each other and just have some camaraderie," Army Veteran Doug Rucker said.

The vets shared their stories. Ninety-three year old Frank Craven remembers when he was to be deployed during World War II.

"They had fur-lined sleeping bags and gloves and everything was waiting for me, then the war ended. A lot of people celebrated that," Navy Veteran Frank Craven said.

Some veterans had funny stories, like Bob Withers who remembers when the ship he was on was low on clean water, and the captain saw a rain squall coming.

"He passes the word says all hands not actually on watch lay top side to take a shower, so all these guys top deck, you see 150-175 people buck naked on top of the deck taking a shower," Navy Veteran Bob Withers said.

For the citizens who came out, it was a time to hear the stories, pay tribute, and say thank you.

"Honor all veterans because if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be able to walk our streets and be free people. I really believe that," Joyce Hiers said.

During the North Charleston tribute the veterans were given a specially designed commemorative coin.