N. Charleston, Summerville gives to Hurricane Relief donation drive

All across the Lowcountry, from Summerville out to the coast, you at home are letting Hurricane Sandy victims know "Charleston Cares." We're now in the second week of a supply drive for hurricane relief.

Victims of Hurricane Sandy are getting a show of support from north area residents. At Ashley River Fire Department in North Charleston, the doors are wide open for donations.

"Basically we're trying to have a collection point where everybody could bring all the common materials that they want to send over to families and friends out in New Jersey, New York, and some of the other cities that were affected. We have everything from toilet tissue, food, toothpaste, paper towels," spokesman Capt. Jake Jenkins said.

Donations like these are being accepted at fire departments and other drop-off points in the area. MedOne Lowcountry Medical Transport company is organizing pick up and shipping of the goods to storm stricken areas.

"We have a sister city up there Somerville, New Jersey. Our mayor actually contacted their mayor. Everything specifically Summerville collects we're going to tag and it's going to go Somerville, New Jersey," Summerville Fire Department spokesman Jacob Evans said.

In Summerville donations of baby diapers, cleaning supplies, band-aids, bottled water and more are coming in, to be sent straight to the city that shares its namesake.

"They're just fellow Americans and that's what we have to do is make sure that we're taking care of our own. If we're in trouble they're going to help us and when they have situations, we're going to do what we can to help them," Evans said.

The Charleston Cares and Operation Southern Hospitality supply drive ends Thursday and you must get your donations in to local fire departments by noon.

Southern Hospitality will also be accepting donations at the North Charleston Convention Center until 8 p.m. Thursday.

If you would rather donate money go to www.coastalcommunityfoundation.org/sandy.

Needed items include: flashlights, batteries, cleaning supplies, first aid supplies, and baby items are at the top of the list of items needed for donation, non-perishable food, paper towels and bathroom tissue, bottled water and juices, soap and hand sanitizers, tools (shovels, work gloves, hand saws, etc.)

NOTE: As storage of clothes requires a warehouse, no clothing will be accepted.

Drop off locations include all fire departments in:



N. Charleston

Mount Pleasant

Sullivans Island

Isle of Palms

Dorchester County EMS stations:

1 in Summerville

5 in St. George

7 at the Ponds in Summerville