Gator Nation putting support behind team before court hearing

Community behind Goose Creek football team

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - The countdown is on for the Goose Creek Gators. In less than 10 hours, the Gators will be heading to court in Berkeley County to challenge a ruling by the SCHSL to disqualify the team from the state playoffs Thursday.

But it's not just the team, students and school seeking justice, it's the entire Gator Nation.

Two blocks away from Goose Creek High is a place called JR's pub. On 30 cent wing nights owners of the pub say the Gator football team practically tackles the tables.

"We take care of them," says the pub's general manager Steve McKinney. "They're just a good bunch of kids."

McKinney says when Goose Creek is winning everybody knows it and when the team needs support they get it.

"Just the outpouring of the whole community is incredible," says McKinney. "We're 100 percent behind them and if this doesn't get overturned this is a travesty."

The Gators will be in court Friday at 9 a.m appealing to a judge to be reinstated in state playoffs.

Another owner of the pub, John Haynes says he's ready to see smiles in his pub again and it will all start with the team doing what it does best he says, 'winning.'

"This one clerical error is keeping them from having a chance to play in the playoffs," says Haynes. "It just doesn't seem right and hopefully there will be justice tomorrow and the team will get a chance to play in the playoffs."

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