Fire rips through Berkeley Co. home three times in 24 hours

Fire rips through Berkeley Co. home three times in 24 hours

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Fire ripped through a Berkeley County mobile home on Holiness Lane, not once or twice, but three times in 24 hours.

The first fire happened Thursday morning and for the most part destroyed the house and killed four family pets.

"I just stood there watching my life just go down to the ground, everything," Sandria Phillips said.

Phillips lived in the mobile home on Holiness Lane in Cordesville for 57 years until Thursday morning when it went up in flames. Phillips says she was cooking french fries on her stove when the grease sparked a fire. She then grabbed a fire extinguisher.

"It was a brand new fire extinguisher and I don't know why it didn't work," Phillips said.

Phillips thought about her eight pets and wanted to get them out of the house.

"And as I ran through the house, I opened the doors, the back and the front so they could get out," Phillips said."And when I did, that just gave oxygen to the fire and it just engulfed."

Phillips had no choice but to run out of the house.

"Nothing, but a shirt, no shoes," Phillips said."Luckily I had the keys to my car."

And as if to add insult to injury, the fire re-ignited Thursday night. The fire then broke out for a third time, Friday morning, reducing the home to rubble taking everything Phillips and her husband owned.

"Things like my nursing degree, you can't replace these things, my children's pictures," Phillips said.

Phillips is a hospice nurse who is used to helping others. Now it is she and her husband who need help.

"A house is just a material thing, but it was my home," Phillips said. "God gave me that. Now it's gone. I've lived here since I was a little girl and my dad was born on this land."

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