Rally to support Israel held in West Ashley

Rally to support Israel held in West Ashley

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - While violence is intensifying between Israel and Gaza, a rally for Israel was held closer to the Lowcountry in West Ashley Thursday. The goal of the rally was to be educational for those in the community at a crucial time for Israel and the Palestinian territory.

Filled with red shirts, dresses and scarf's, the Jewish Community Center in West Ashley was filled with those interested to learning more about the conflict between Gaza and Israel happening now.

"We're wearing red because in Israel when the sirens go off, in Hebrew it's called, code red," said Judi Corsaro, CEO of the JCC.

Horry County house representative Alan Clemmons says it wasn't only the wearing of red clothing that was "raising awareness." It was also words from those who spoke to rally for support behind Israel.

"We want Israel to know South Carolina is standing with Israel," said Clemmons.

Both Israel and Gaza are taking causalities from air strikes and missile attacks and actions don't seem to stopping anytime soon.

Captain Eric Oser, Chairman of the Jewish Advocacy Federation, says the main goal of the rally is trying to find peace in a world full of violence.

"We'll talk about how we can get real true peace in the middle east in the year 2013," said Oser. "That's what we're really looking for."

However, the Captain says with both sides continuing to fight he is worried about a possible ground war.

"My biggest concern is if the war started in Gaza would it spread to Lebanon, Syria and Egypt?" said Oser. "If it did that would be unbelievably disastrous."

Counter attacks from Israel to Gaza killed at least 38 Palestinians Monday bringing the death toll since the start of Israel's offensive to 111.

That number includes 56 civilians. Some 800 people have been wounded and more than 200 of those are children. Three Israelis have died and dozens were wounded since just last week.

Hamas wants Israel to stop all attacks on Gaza and lift tight restrictions on trade and movement in and out of the territory that have been in place since Hamas seized Gaza by force in 2007.

Israel demands an end to rocket fire from Gaza and a halt to weapons smuggling into Gaza through tunnels under the border with Egypt.

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