Thanksgiving fire leaves woman, two children homeless

A kitchen fire early Thanksgiving morning destroyed a mobile home in the Lebanon community, leaving a woman and her five and three year old children homeless.

Kenyada Smith said she was frying chicken on the stove around 2 am and had no idea she would soon be permanently out of her home.

"I turned it on and when I put my hand over it, it never got hot. So I thought I had turned it back off," Smith said.

Smith said she put the pan on another burner and poured grease in it.

"I closed it back and I sat it on the stove."

Thinking the burner was off, she went to the bathroom.

"I heard the smoke detector going off, so I got back up and by the time I walked in the kitchen it was flames," Smith said.

Smith tried to put the fire out with a towel. Then she grabbed her keys and cell phone, ran out of the house and called 911.

"It was kind of scary," Smith recalled. "I didn't know if I should keep trying to put it out or what I should have did, because my home is my everything. I worked hard for it."

When daylight came, she got a much closer look at the damage.

"I walked through twice actually and I still can't absorb it. I still don't understand it," Smith said. "It's like one of your worst nightmares. I don't know if I'm going or coming . I'm thankful I still have my kids and I still have and I still have my life. It could have been worse."

Smith burned her finger when she tried to put out the fire. Otherwise there were no serious injuries.

For now, she plans to live with her father.

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