911 caller: 'The whole freakin' building's burning down!'

911 Caller: 'The whole freakin' building's burning down!'

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In newly released 911 tapes, residents of a North Charleston apartment complex are heard frantically calling for help as a fire rips through a two-story apartment complex Monday afternoon.

"We have a blazing fire on 5150 Delta Oaks. The fire department needs to get here!," a female resident tells an emergency dispatcher."The whole freakin' building's burning down!"

Multiple fire crews responded to Delta Oaks Apartments on the 5100 block of Delta Street just before 5 p.m. for the structure fire which subsequently damaged 14 apartments and left 9 families homeless.

"911, we got a fire! We got a fire on Russeldale," another resident can be heard telling emergency crews."Hey you all, get out, get out!"

Residents were not the only ones to alert authorities to the massive fire. Motorists in the area also called 911 after spotting a huge plume of smoke from the fire that was seen almost anywhere in the Charleston area.

Officials say there were no reported injuries. The fire is under investigation.

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