New alert system keeps Summerville residents informed

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The town of Summerville is keeping citizens in the loop. They've implemented the first community alert system to inform residents of any safety and emergency situations.

"This neighborhood used to be no crimes really but over the years it's changed" said Carlasee Washington a long time resident of Summerville.

For Carlasee and his Wife feeling safe in their community is important and having safety information available at their fingertips is a plus

"You can't just drop your guard you have to be alert at all times, that's the way to be safe," said Washington.

Citizens of Summerville have asked the town for an alert system after an increase in violence and the shooting death of John Elliot Hancock in the Robynwyn neighborhood last month.

"I think it's very important because it would help the community, so I think it's an important program" said Carlasee's Wife Vermell.

Signing up for alerts is easy just provide your email address, phone number and decide how you want to be notified, either through text, email, or on the web.

"There's different categories of alerts that they have, they have obviously a public danger type situation and another one that would give people important information maybe a road closure and then there's another you can use for community information. There is a function on there were we can nail it down to about a quarter a mile area," said Capt. Jon Rogers of the Summerville Police department.

The system does not charge the town or it's residents.

For the Washington's the new alert system is just another tool they've got to feel safe and informed. "We need that and it would help," said Mrs. Washington.

"I think it's the quickest way for them to receive message," said Mr. Washington.

If you want to sign up for alert information, you can do so at these websites: